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Master mark

Master Mark has been a lifestyle and professional BDSM practitioner for over 20 years. BDSM is his passion, lifestyle, and main form of sexual expression. Master Mark is enthusiastic about his role as a kink educator – leading workshops and one on one classes for men, women, and couples. Through self-study and spending time with highly experienced mentors, Master Mark has built up extensive knowledge and constantly adds to his skill set and knowledge base. Adversed and mastered many aspects of BDSM, his main skills and love are on the sensual aspects of D/s, the art of spanking, bondage, sensual flogging, and caning plus the dynamics of D/s relationships. This course is literally the culmination of his lifetime in this lifestyle. 

The dynamic-duo

MASTER Jacob & sub casey

Master Jacoh has been involved in the alternative lifestyle for over 16 years. He first started out in the tantric sex world and after he was introduced to the BDSM lifestyle, incorporated BDSM into his tantric path.

When he found BDSM, he knew within the depths of his core self that he was meant to be a Dominant/Master. He spent years endlessly studying and training to perfect his skills as a Dominant and kink educator.

sub Casey is the yin to his Dominant yang.