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Vince, 36. New York – USA

“…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This course has changed my life and relationship for the better. I feel more confident in how I express my dominant side. My partner is really enjoying the role-plays and the sensual dominance that I’m leading her through. We are both excited and I feel I’m now confident enough with the skills and knowledge to develop her submissive world. Keep up the good work!….”

Matt 27, Ohio – USA

“… IDoing this course has changed the way I see my role in relationships. I always had an idea that I want to lead a relationship to be more healthy and this course has given me the tools to do exactly that. The modules on how to communicate in and outside of BDSM play were the most valuable for me and I really enjoyed how the aspects of BDSM and dominance seem to improve relationships. I’ve recommended your course to my friends…”

Ryan 39, London – UK

“…A’ve read BDSM books in the past and this course exceeded my expectations. I thought it was going to be the same old information that’s found in the books, but it delivered more than any book can as it takes into account the real-world applications of what can be quite technical information – especially with the videos that demonstrate and teach the theory. I feel it’s really important to show the technical side of things and the way it actually plays out in the moment, and as Im a visual person, I especially benefit from the videos…”